Environmental Force at Grass Root Level (ENFOGAL) is a Non-Governmental organisation based at Ukhrul District, Head office at Green Land Ukhrul Manipur. It is registered under Manipur Society Registration Act 1989, bearing Reg.No. 96/40/SR/2016 dated 14th Nov, 2016.

ENFOGAL aims to protect and revive our crumbling environment. It is initiated by a young vibrant aspiring social group for the Endeavour of sustainable environment. We impart the knowledge of solid waste management and those issues pertain to environmental degradation with special focus to youth and school/college going student to understand the profound needs of awareness and sense of consciousness for the unborn environment at grass root level. We adopt a channel of spreading awareness in a superficial manner where one can easily learned, understand and practice by putting it into action in a judicious way.

As ENFOGAL works under the umbrella of diverse movement to handle the challenges that deteriorate our environment it is our goal to broadcast and give reason on the matter of solid waste Management .Alongside the issues of global warming, water management and our rich biodiversity which we need to conserve, preserve and protect to retained our resources we took up a stand to joint hand and work as a part of global concern by giving our best effort. Therefore collection of environmental impact assessment of the area we covered is a part of our project.

To satisfy and fulfil our objective we the ENFOGAL give our best effort and render a service for welfare of the members and non-members of the society in general. Our force encounters the said challenges by organizing a periodical lecture, Seminar, workshop and conference in theories. At the same time pragmatically we organized cleanliness drive, tree plantation drive, fieldwork, jungle trail and environmental campaign in any possible way on a selected site as our mission.