1. Imparting of Solid and Liquid Waste Resources Management

2.Concept of sustainable development

3.Climate Change Resilience Campaign

4.Safeguarding and intervene on Biodiversity

5.Water Management

6.Environmental impact assessment (EIA)

7.To render service for the welfare of the member and nonmembers of the society/association in general

8.To arrange and held periodical lectures, seminar, conference and workshop for the improvement of environment and its development to the society

9.To spread mass education on environmental issues

10.To organise leadership training and entrepreneurship development programme

11.To raise fund by receiving donation subscription and the financial and the financial assistant from the member and nonmember, govt and local bodies

12.To do such other activities from time to time are to achieve the objectives

13. ENFOGAL classical concentrate at youth between 18 to 30 years for the operation

14.Our outreach activities include field work, jungle trail, cleanliness drive, tree plantation drive in any specified location