No To Litter Campaign

The no to litter campaign under the flagship theme “clean environment” started and carried out by our ENFOGAL team at multiple places within the town and outskirts of the town including some villages. The campaign initially consisting o Six phases but to reach the bigger public about action-oriented activities another three follow up were introduced. The campaign lasted from November 2017 till May 2018. During the ongoing activities, we learned that litters were improper, with no consent, disposed of at an inappropriate location, waste generation was immense, inadequate community dustbins, absences of dustbins at shops. Lack of education and awareness on waste management. Commonly found waste around the town comprises plastic snack wrappers, tobacco wrappers, plastic bottles, and other miscellaneous waste. Most of this waste can be categories into reusable and salable, with a proper waste management system these wastes could be effectively channeled into monetary values and other purposes. Eventually, this will help reduce the amount of waste going into landfills abating its effects on the environment. Adding success to the campaign was the volunteers, who willingly dedicated their valuable time and energy for a common cause.  The undying support from Swachh Bharat Mission and Autonomous District council not only boosted our morale but their contribution through various other means have incredibly helped us to carry out our campaign successfully.

Creating Innovative Out Of Plastic Bottles

         ENFOGAL has been the pioneer of initiating the notions of Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. The fundamental and prominent aspects of the Integrated Waste Management system.

        The team took up the notion of” innovative of out waste” by using waste plastic bottles. After working for almost ten days, our team successfully set up the waste bottles into the most innovative, creative, and beautiful Christmas tree at the midst of the Gandhi Chowk. The height of the Christmas tree was around 15ft comprising over 1 thousand waste bottles, which was collated from various community dustbins nearby the town. The implausible Christmas tree not only stood tall but also have augmented the town’s beautification. The finished structure was the prime illustration of how waste can be reused again in innovative and creative ways. Through this, the team attempted to relay the prominence of proper disposal of waste, usability values and contingency effects on humans and ecology.

Nature Camp

ENFOGAl members with the campers

Enfogal organized the first ever Nature Camp in Ukhrul district at …. the camp was organized as a part of Observing Wildlife week under the theme “Wildlife under threat” for our camp relevant to the main theme big cats: “predator under threat”. The camp was mainly target and organized to impart the knowledge closer to nature and significance of ecology and its understanding on the effects of anthropological human activities. The camp was directed by the ENFOGAL president Yoyung Shaiza and executive member Lemchui Ronra Shimray and both being the resource person. The camp was participated by 47 NSS sacred heart hr.sec school and 15 executive members of ENFOGAL and single staff from the school. The following activities and sessions which were carried are

  1. Lecture on introduction to ecology and its importance
  2. Night trail
  3. Documentary on wildlife of South East Asia
  4. Bird watching
  5. Qua-drat sampling
  6. A brief speech by President of Ukhrul District Journalist Association 
  7. Lecture on constructive and destructive behavior of humans towards nature.

All these activities and sessions goes in hand with the interaction and discussion to clear doubts and reason together to put things into practice efficiently.

Mission Treellionaire

Mission Treellionaire kicked off at Sacred Heart Hr. Sec. School on 24 March 2018, by ENFOGAL team and Global Shapers community Imphal under the Theme” Beat Deforestation”. The aim of the mission is to plant trillions of saplings around the Asian countries. To increase the forest covers and to combat the environmental constraints. They extended small part of this smart mission in few places of Ukhrul district, with target of planting 10 thousand saplings totally on Voluntary basis by our ENFOGAL team.  ADC, SMG-G, MoEFCC Convenor Ukhrul and NSS (Sacred heart have extended their support

with responsibility to make the changes by making  it a social movement in creating and preparing need of the futures.

Our Mission Treellionaire UKhrul 2018 has concluded on 27th August at Kuirei village. we are glad that we have planted over 7 thousand saplings completely on Voluntary basis Successfully. We also made sure that they will grow as we will be monitoring in association with the holders. We appreciate and honor who had participated and contributed in making this mission accomplished in all the possible ways. it is all for the endeavor of sustainability and Healthy environment, as we aim to beat deforestation under our theme and this kind of war, we create to fight environment issues like Climate change at Global level.

International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day under the theme “Swachh Shakti” was observed by ENFOGAL and SBM-G Ukhrul in collaboration with NYK(Nehru Yuva kendra), KYK( Krishi Vigyan Kendra), NABARD and SSA at St. Joseph College conference hall.  Kapangpam Zimik (Executive Member, ADC), Rinshang Pheiray ( SBM-G), Philachui Siro(SSA), Dr. Theimipem Raleng( Alice School principal  ), Yarmila Zimik( Agriculture Department) students and many more dignitaries were present . 10 Eminent women from the Environmental field chosed by ENFOGAL and SBM-G and awarded with a certificate on the occasion. This signifies, women are not only contributing in social and economic aspects but also toward a sustainable Environment.

Creativity Out Of Waste

Every year we dispose a sizeable amount of waste of at landfills with no safety measures, to curtail its impact on humans and ecology. If precautionary steps are practice, this could largely reduce the amount of waste trusting out into the landfill. The most prominent steps involve three key concepts usually termed as 3R (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle). This will help cut down the amount on waste generation, conserve ecology, save landfill, and can be converted into products that have monetary values. Symbol of Creativity out of Waste
With new challenges of tackling waste flowing into the landfill, ENFOGAL team successfully sorted out the CDs from the dumping sites, collated from the CDs library and donated by the public were transformed, beautified and converted into a Christmas tree, which look unimaginably ardent giving positives vibes of being waste to something appreciable and which incredibly stood tall to convey that waste can pacify the eye of the commoner with the value of appreciation. Structures created from waste gives not only a lasting impression, but incredibly help people to change their mindset toward a sustainable environment giving a balance between human and its ambient

World Wetland Day

As part of World Wetlands Day 2019 under the theme” wetlands and climate change “ENGOGAL did a campaign at Talui village to spread awareness to the public about preserving and conserving wetlands. We observe this day every year to mark the adoption of the Ramsar convention in 1971 to help raise awareness about the significance and values of wetlands.
There is always a way to reach out to the community either through physical presence or through social media. The latter being used to convey our slogans and messages on the theme. Charts representing the various important aspects of wetland mainly relating to the direct beneficiary to humans, their stability in ecology, rich biodiversity hub, groundwater recharge, and control in the intensity of natural catastrophes were conveyed. Manipur state is also bestowed with a vast number of wetlands especially Loktak lake known as the floating lake of the world which was recently categories under the world heritage site. This lake not only holds environmental importance but also a source of livelihood for the locals. Saving and conserving such a pristine ecosystem is a monumental challenge, where anthropological activities are the peak level. Reaching out to the public and.
World Wetland Day
giving awareness to the subject could increase the mitigation measures to control the issues

Nothing is waste

Making use of things that are considered waste has been an integral part of human life since immoral time. The skills to convert the waste into something productive is mainly by our innovative ideas born in human’s mind. To use the skills and ideas, our team tried to present the waste tires into something vibrant and attractive piece, converting them into flowerpots with flamboyant colors. Then these were fixed on the keeping wall of Phungyo Baptist church, adding more colors to the wall.
Such an initiative will help people realize that there are things around termed as waste, if collected and sorted can be used in different ways to enhance the beauty around the environment. We should instil the habit of converting waste into best to every brain, to learn about recycling will not only create a cleaner and healthier ambient but will encourage creativity among people.

Share and Motivate Programme

On May 7th 2019 ENFOGAL in association with Savio Higher Secondary
organized a unique program “share and motivate “under the theme ‘ path to social prosperity ‘at the premises of the school at Awungtang Ukhrul. The program witnessed the participants of around 350 students.
The purpose of organizing the program was to motivate the students and to spread awareness of the environment in the future were well-shaped society can be created the best environment. With the belief that the students can be motivated according to their potentials and the talent at ground level, we held the event to shape the career of the students.
Share and Motivate Programme according to their capacities while letting the students understand that there are diverse carrier options.
Thangmeiso Shinglai (Singer), Khavangpam Mahungnao (actor), Pemmichon Tungshangnao(Entrepreneur, Zingran Foods) and Worngachan Shatsang (spokesperson of Ukhrul basic Soccer Foundation) who were the presenters of the program, motivated the students by sharing their experiences.

Wildlife and Climate Change Campaign

Our efforts to save and conserve wildlife is not restricted to the town’s school but have reached to some villages as well, where educating and giving them the awareness on wildlife. The school visited are scintilla high school, Ngainga and Kachai village. The principal objectives of these visits were to address the prevailing conditions of wildlife hunting, poaching, and other related issues at ground level. Our educationist vividly explained about the importance of wildlife and measures to undertake the steps.
Visit to Kachai and Ngainga for Wildlife and Climate Change Campaign to protect and conserve through cumulative action based on the local community level. Adding wildlife as a career was also briefly explained, since Manipur geographical region comes under the world Hot-spot, diverse fauna and flora with largely dominated by endemic species which haven’t been studied and researched. This would create a better opportunity for youths planning to take wildlife as a career.
During the visits two different other topics were presented mainly on climate change and use chemical Agro-pesticides. Climate change has created a lot of havoc around the world effectively the various environmental, social, and economic status of many countries leading to various crises with the sole intention to address the students about the same and to mitigate the crisis were also discussed.
Using pesticides has recently boomed at Ukhrul district to get the quickest remedies to eliminate pests. Because of their ignorant about proper usage and impact on air and water and land. I briefly explained a visionary issue arising from use pesticide.

Clean Up Drive and Dustbin Installment

We will continue to keep the momentum of vision towards a cleaner and healthier environment through our recently formed Squad from different schools across the district. Giving them the awareness through pragmatic approaches and to instill the behavior changes towards healthy practices of sustainable waste management system.
As to implement that awareness and practices, ENFOGAL along with the squad carried out clean up and dustbin installation at their respective schools. Since most of the student cannot practice proper waste management system. Where school premises are filled with candy wrappers, plastics, paper, and other waste. And as you know it creates a dirty environment having various other implications. During the activities it was observed and experienced that collective ignition helps to create a more productive result.

Environment Day

On Environment day ENFOGAL associated with Lunghar Katamnao Long and locals organized an event entails a series of activities like tree plantation drive, clean and short interaction with Lunghar Katamnao Long on the various environmental issues and their achievable measures to revive the degraded Eco-system and environment. This iconic Jorcheng is not only a sightseer’s destination but holds a very significant, unique geographical landscape with diverse habitant of many species of flora and fauna. It gave the primary objectives of the plantation a new pattern to the sidelines of the area with ornamental plants, to enhance the attractiveness and boost the green coverage’s to lure more visitors to the spot. Presence of waste shows that how visitors’ disgrace.
Environment day its self-esteem by polluting the environment, showing their anti-social behavior towards its iconic places. During their visit we dispose usually an enormous amount of waste of uncaring, distorting the natural beauty. To undertake such challenges our team, and the participants pledged to take precautionary measures to control such acts by showing exemplary through clean drive. ENFOGAL proposed certain rules to LKL to check the influx of food items especially single-use plastics. Right after the drive brainstorming sessions on various environmental implications were discussed especially on climate change and glitches caused by inappropriate waste management practices.
We were fortunate to get encouragement and support from the Director of Tourism, Manipur and CMO on the occasion. They also ecstatically took part in the plantation drive along with the participants.

Bird Watching Cum Wildlife Campaign

Fulfilling one aim framed in the project of ENFOGAL squad. The team carried out a birding cum wildlife campaign along with the associate schools for the September month, zeroed out every Saturday to carried out the initiatives. As we targeted the initiative to spiral down the significance of birds, their role in maintaining equilibrium in the dynamic ecosystem, the value they hold in a community and place, and their interconnection link with the cultural, eco-conscious, and social aspects. Saving and protecting them has become a prime objective, educating subject in more fun and pragmatic approaches will not only create a sustainable environment but will also pave ways to new career options in this field for the students. With the intention our team successfully carried the campaign, taken part by 120 students. The event was pondered between Langtang and Shirui. During the campaign over 25 bird species were seen and identified. It is also learned that with better equipment and techniques more species could be studied and researched effectively. The program was concluded by giving a presentation on the significance of wildlife.

Nature Camp

Under the theme “Honor Wildlife “ ENFOGAL Observed Wildlife week by organizing nature camp from 3rd to 5th of Oct,2019 at Paorei, Shirui Ukhrul. The camp was voluntary organized by ENFOGAL team with an aim to:
1.To give a hand in experience to students about wildlife conservation and their significant. 2. To educate and connect students closer to nature pragmatically. 3. Making conscious about their rights and responsibilities towards wildlife. 4. To have a better understanding of biodiversity around Ukhrul dist. 5. To enhance the leadership quality among the students.
we carried Various activities out during the camp and give a profound understanding closer to nature. The major activities initiated during the camp are • Lecture and interaction with nature and environment • Lecture on sustainable environment and indigenous practices • Lecture on the significance of wildlife • Skill development program base on the principle of RRR, with special focus on papermaking and best out of waste particularly • Personality development • Essay writing • Trust building games • Documentary on Bhopal Gas Tragedy • Bird watching • Night trail • Biodiversity assessment • Site study followed by cleanup and pledge taking.
The camp was participated by 46 campers and 20 staff and volunteers from the ENFOGAL team to complete the camp.
We carried night trail out to experience and study the various nocturnal characters and activities of insects and other mammals. It was also carried out to observe species present in and around the campsite through personal experience and how nature interacts during nighttime.
The day begins with a morning drill and singspiration, where students are made to refresh physically, mentally, and spiritually as a part of education away from the school.
The program on the site study and check listing was carried out simultaneously for the students to impart knowledge on the identification of species and the species present at a specific area to at least deliver an idea to identified and
Classified the flora and fauna during the site study and check listing. Interaction and team followed it presentation.
we delivered Lecture on Nature and Environment as one of the major topics to understand precisely to create a sense of responsibility for a contribution towards our environment.
Students were also profoundly encouraged by a special guest from Tangkhul Music Forum’s president Mr. Nobert Thoyi and Mr. Oshimwo with their soulful message in developing their personality. A lecture on the significance of Wildlife was delivered To create a sense of responsibilities, understanding, and empathy towards wildlife, considering the present scenarios of human’s conceptual behavior towards wild animal which have been inculcated from the ancestor, as wildlife is mainly for consumption, sacrificial rituals and trophies for the game.
we carried An essay competition related to those topics delivered during the lecture to let them express, the findings and comprehensive to develop educational competitiveness through their sense of imparted knowledge witnessing the environmental situation, that was discussed in their presence.
we screened A documentary to let the campers, react and understand the harmful effects of chemical pollutants to human and the nature, which was based on true event happened in Bhopal for leaking of MIC gas.
We conducted biodiversity assessment using two sampling methods; a) Quadrate sampling and b) Transect sampling.
A special guest Dr. Christian Erni delivered a lecture on sustainable Environment and Indigenous People rights to the campers. He emphasizes mainly on the environmental issues suffered by locals and how the community can defend their Natural Resources and Environment by the rights they have. Every session followed by interaction, group discussion, and presentation to check the progress and understanding of the activities being carried out.

Environmental Campaign

No matter what, people having the zeal to work towards combating environmental issues will seek a solution to restore the faith of humanity towards saving the environment and towards sustainability Exactly what should need to be done was shown by our team and Nss student’s Sacred Heart Hr.Sec. school. A campaign to make people conscious about the prevailing environmental implications suffered by people and nature during the Shirui lily festival. Keeping in mind the students’ quirky ideas and quotes about the issues was perfectly displayed on the chart and carton.
Reaching out to locals and tourists to address and to spread awareness regarding the same. We started the campaign from Gandhi chowk having different spots for slogans and chart display activities till phangrei.