Share and Motivate Programme

On May 7th 2019 ENFOGAL in association with Savio Higher Secondary organized a very unique programme β€œ share and motivate β€œ under the theme β€˜ path to social prosperity β€˜at the premises of the school located at Awungtang ukhrul. The programme witnesss the participants of a total of around 350 students. The purpose of organizing the programme was to motivate the students and to spread awareness of the kind of environment in the future where well shaped society can be created the best environment. With the belief that the students can be motivated according to their potentials and the talent at ground level, the event was held inorder to shape the career of the Share and Motivate Programme 17 students according to their own capacities while letting the students undertstand that there are diverse carrier options. Artiste, Thangmeiso Shinglai, actor, Khavangpam Mahungnao, Entrepreneur, Zingran Foods, Pemmichon Tungshangnao and the spokesperson of Ukhrul basic Soccer Foundation, Worngachan Shatsang who were the presenters of the program, motivated the students by sharing their experiences.

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