Workshop on Climate Change

One Day District Level Workshop on Climate Change

Being part of any program/ talk related to environmental degradation especially concerning climate change is always our top priority. PASDO organized one day District Level workshop on Climate change at their office on 14th Nov invitee from various villages and govt institute attended the seminar. where our team headed by Ms. Lemchui Ronra Shimray delivered a lecture on climate change and its consequences, relevant to the context of Ukhrul district. Based on current scenario which is taking place by witnessing a global threat dismantling the various social, economic and ecological stability at local level for these issues due to climate change it is necessary to addressed at One Day District Level Workshop on Climate Change 5 grassroots level through various affords from locals, NGOs and other govt institutes. As an environmental NGO, we have been working on the issues that trigger and severe the global warming by taking various initiatives at ground level and to warn the hazardous consequences that may have serious threats to locals especially people who sustain on farming. It is also known during the seminar that many unborn potentially lifethreatening implications may occur in future, which would affect the integrity of social, economic and environmental sphere of a community. If measures and strategies are not screened out to combat such issues, it will jeopardize the present situation at greater level.

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