Environment day

On Environment day ENFOGAL associated with Lunghar Katamnao Long and locals organized an event entails a series of activities like tree plantation drive, clean and short interaction with LKL on the various environmental issues and their achievable measures to revive the degraded ecosystem and environment. This iconic Jorcheng is not only a sightseer’s destination but holds a very significant, unique geographical landscape with diverse habitat of numerous species of flora and fauna. The main objectives of the plantation was given a new pattern to the sidelines of the area with ornamentals plants, to enhance the attractiveness and boost the green coverages to lure more visitors to the spot. Presence of waste indicates that how visitors’ disgrace

 Its self-esteem by polluting the environment, showing their anti-social behavior towards its iconic places. During their visit usually large amount of waste is disposed of uncaringly, distorting the natural beauty. To undertake such challenges our team and the participants pledged to take precautionary measures to control such acts by showing exemplary through clean drive. Certain rules were proposed by ENFOGAL to LKL to check the influx of food items especially single-use plastics. Right after the drive brainstorming sessions on various environmental implications were discussed especially on climate change and glitches caused by inappropriate waste management practices.

We were fortunate to get encouragement and support from the Director of Tourism, Manipur and CMO on the occasion. They also ecstatically took part in the plantation drive along with the participants.

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