Bird watching cum wildlife campaign

Fulfilling one of the objectives framed in the project of ENFOGAL squad. The team carried out a birding cum wildlife campaign along with the associate schools for the September month, zeroed out every Saturday to carried out the initiatives. As the initiative was targeted to spiral down the significance of birds, their role in maintaining equilibrium in the dynamic ecosystem, the value they hold in a community and place, and their interconnection link with the cultural, eco-conscious, and social aspects. Saving and protecting them has become a prime objective, moreover, giving education to subject in more fun and pragmatic approaches will not only create a sustainable environment but will also pave ways to new career options in this field for the students. With the intention our team successfully carried the campaign, participated by a total of 120 students. The event was pondered between Langtang and Shirui.

During the campaign more than 25 bird species were seen and identified. It is also learned that with better equipment and techniques more species could be studied and researched effectively. The program was concluded by giving a presentation on the significance of wildlife.

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